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Please read entire Terms Of Use before purchasing or using any items from our site. By purchasing or using any codes, graphics or designs created by Zazzles By Design, you agree to the following Terms Of Use:

~All Pages (custom or free)~

1. Tourney pages (purchased or free), graphics or league pages must have our sigs and link back on them at all times. Do not claim any or part as your own. No part may be copied or changed from the original intent. You may not change any part of the page, including designs, graphics, backgrounds or colors. All designs and codes are protected by copyright law. Purchasing a league page, tourney page or website does not give ownership to any codes. All codes and code rights are retained by Zazzles By Design and remain under their control. You do not own the codes.

2. All league pages stay with the league it was purchased for and is not transferable.

3. If you purchase a league page and that league is deleted, the page made for that league may no longer be used and cannot be transferred to another league.

4. Orders must be paid in FULL before work begins. Once the graphics are complete, you must send written approval before any other work commences. Once the initial graphics have been approved, there will be no refunds issued.

5. After purchasing a league page, you cannot change the backgrounds/images or alter the page in any way without written permission.

6. After purchasing a league or tourney page from Zazzles By Design you cannot use the images or backgrounds on any other pages without written permission.

7. Orders must have all details in writing before work begins.

8. After ordering a league or tourney page and work has been completed and you then change your mind from the original work order, it will be considered a new order and appropriate fees will be charged. If the work has not been completed and you change your mind, additional fees will be charged. All changes will be made in a timely manner. If you should decide a change needs to be made, please let us know as soon as possible to incur the least possible fees.

9. All changes to custom pages must be done in writing only.

10. All Sales are Final. Once the design is completed, there will be no refunds issued.

*** We reserve the right to end our contract with you at anytime. Using our designs for any other purpose other than for what they are intended, is strictly prohibited.

Switching around any of our graphics, codes or layouts does not make the page your own and is copyright infringement and strictly prohibited by law. Any league, person or designer found to be violating our Terms of Use, will be reported to the League Designers United Hall of Shame (LDUHOS) and your hosting site will be contacted. For further copyright information, please click here: "What is Copyright Protection?"

Thank you for choosing Zazzles By Design

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